Baki Dou

Baki Dou (刃牙道, Baki Dō; literally: “The Way of Baki” or “Baki’s Path”) is a fourth manga series, serialized in Weekly Shōnen Champion from March 20, 2014 to April 5, 2018. Collected into 22 volumes. There’s a fifth manga series and is named with the same title as the fourth series, but with Baki’s name being written in katakana this time instead of kanji (バキ道).

Author(s):Keisuke Itagaki
Genre(s): Action, Drama, Martial arts, Mature, Shounen, Sports,
Status: Ongoing
Synopsis : Baki is bored. After the conclusion of the epic battle between father and son, he continues to fight in the underground arena and train nonstop, but he always has to suppress his yawn caused by the overbearing boredom. No amount of stimulus or danger can bring excitement to him at this point.